La pell de la terra ~ Sant Feliu de Barruera (Lleida, Spain)
In these images, my installation in the Romanesque church of Sant Feliu de Barruera (Lleida, Spain), during Errant festival 2020.

“Skins” has its origin in the journey I made from Barcelona to the Art and Nature center in Farrera, in Pallars Sobirà. The installation in Sant Feliu de Barruera was configured as a kind of altarpiece that replaces the traditional Christian iconography with a large abstract painting that refers to paths, ground and stone, thus highlighting the sacred component of walking and the mountain. The intervention, imposing and discreet at the same time, highlights the spirituality and sacredness of the place, transforming the old church into a contemporary, universal, non-religious and non-denominational place of worship.

ERRANT are itineraries of art and thought, in which the word and the image, in their most radical, experimental and contemporary expressions, dialogue with the landscape, architectural, historical and industrial heritage of the Lleida demarcation.

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